Ilaria Cinelli PhD FAsMA is a senior engineer with records of accomplishments in biomedical engineering and space exploration. Her work experiences are in biomedical engineering, human factors, mission design, analogue missions, space medicine, leadership.

Ilaria is the President of the Aerospace Human Factors Association and Member-at-Large of the Aerospace Medical Council. She is also Co-Leader of the Space Exploration Group of the Space Generation Advisory Council. Then, Ilaria is an invited member of The Mars Society Steering Committee.

The most relevant:

• She is a mentor and role model of the Space4Women network of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs;

• Recipient of the Anita Mantri Scholarship 2018 by the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA);

• Recipient of multiple Emerging Space Leaders Scholarships (2016 and 2017) by The Mars Society.