Space4Women & Women4Space!

The Space4Women Network is a mentoring platform run by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs. It promotes gender equality and gender empowerment in the space sector. The Space4Women Network Mentors are selected from leaders and professionals in the space industry and represent a variety of fields and geographic regions. Ilaria is one of the 35 Space4Women network mentors.

She runs space

SheRunsSpace is a new blog on Instagram, proposing models of women/girls of space that are easy to identify. The main goal is to share first-person lessons learnt of women/girls in the form of quotes to provide examples of career paths. The content of the post reports a short description, besides the bio. There are so many ways to stand up for ourselves, and you can make a difference!


Unspoken collects both genders’ first-person experiences in a free e-book (written in the English language only) about quality education and gender equality, which are the fourth and the fifth Sustain Development Goals (SDGs) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. The main objective is to raise awareness on SDG implementation to encourage, teach, and motivate women/girls of space to react to challenging situations.